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Introducing the new iOS app – The Diary goes mobile

The Diary Corporation delivers a new health management solution through a comprehensive, easy-to-use patient health and medical app. Secured with the strongest consumer-friendly privacy protections in the health industry, the app offers a full view of lifetime personal health information in one place, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world.

ARIZONA, November 10, 2015 – Personal health information is currently very difficult to get, understand, and share, frequently resulting in negative impact on both the quality and cost of care, as well as overall health. Today The Diary Corporation announced the launch of a new personal health management application, The Diary™, as a solution for patients and caregivers.

The Diary offers:
● the first 360° view of personal health information
● a cloud-based and mobile digital health platform
● bank-grade security for highest consumer protection
● immediate availability on the Apple App Store for free

The most advanced platform ever created

Patients and caregivers can now utilize the most advanced platform ever created to improve their health outcomes. And what’s more, The Diary™ app delivers the strongest consumer-friendly terms of use and privacy policy in the health industry. The app makes it possible for anyone to more effectively interact with and get better outcomes from the healthcare system.

Putting the patient in control

“We’re changing the flow of information and putting the patient in control,” said Hamish MacDonald, CEO of The Diary Corporation. “We connect the dots between all of your health information. You can collect it, own it, understand it, track it and share it when you want to.”

Featuring smart technology:
● voice dictation
● customized health tracking
● reminders
● Apple Health™ and device syncing
● easy document scanning, storage and sharing

Enter data and upload documents by talking into your phone and snapping photos. See the 90-second video.

Reinventing personal health management

The Diary™ Premium, available from $99 per year, includes a web app with optimized displays for all devices. Used together, the web and mobile apps provide a long-awaited solution for achieving optimal health.

About The Diary Corporation
The Diary Corporation Goal: good health and healthcare for everyone. Helping people collect, own, understand, and share their health information on their terms and for their benefit. Supporting Triple Aim goals: better care, smarter spending, and healthier lives.


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