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Hospital Care in the Home

The Diary CarePro is a remote care platform that promotes effective value-based outcomes by connecting directly to patients.

Care Teams

Care Teams

Nurses use CarePro to improve post-discharge recovery in the home and reduce the total cost of care.



Patients who opt to use The Diary can easily collect and share information, and communicate with care teams and family members to improve their care.

  • Hospital Care in the Home

    Provide hospital-quality care at a lower cost in the patient’s home environment.

Benefits & Features

Improve outcomes with real-time health monitoring

Reduce Risk and Readmission

Easily deliver high-quality care and build relationships with patients, to allow for allowing improved recovery time and early intervention.

Improve Outcomes

Improve workflow by mobilizing your care team and natural supports around the patient to encourage care plan adherence.


Higher Increase Satisfaction Scores

Improve clinical interaction and information sharing between nurse and patient with a simple user interface.

Decrease Costs

Reduce visit time up to 30% with less time spent on paper documentation; discharge patients sooner, and optimize revenue for care.

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“The Diary CarePro ® has reduced our time to complete admission assessments by 50%. Visits are more efficient & the ability for all staff to look at a single record in real-time allows the team of nurses to focus on higher quality care, which has been reflected in higher patient satisfaction scores within our program.”

Vanessa Clinical Director, Hospital in your Home Service Provider

“I love being able to see what the nurses are entering in their iPads and seeing how I’m progressing. I don’t usually get to see my health data and how people use it. It helps me stay motivated in my treatment.”

Noel Hospital in your Home Patient

How it Works 

Our enterprise solution, CarePro, is a mobile care platform that integrates with a companion patient application – becoming the first end-to-end Apple iOS solution to deliver patient-centered care outside of the clinic.

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What your patient sees

Empower your patients on their care journey with easy-to-use technology that helps patients understand health data patterns, facilitates self-management, and improves communication among the care team, patient, family, friends, and the community.

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