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Remote Monitoring

The Diary CarePro is a remote care platform that promotes effective value-based outcomes by connecting directly to patients.

Care Teams

Care Teams

Care teams – deliver informed, quality care with remote data monitoring, interventions, and virtual communications.



Patients – seamlessly sync medical device data and receive important communications for more personalized care.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Reduce readmissions and improve adherence

Benefits & Features

Improve outcomes with real-time health monitoring

Reduced Unnecessary Utilization

Easily and effectively monitor patient progress in real-time, independent of their location and access to facilities.

Connected Care for Better Outcomes

Connect with family, caregivers, and community resources for better support

Reduced Readmission Rate

Make timely interventions and develop more personalized care plans with threshold alerts and secure video-conferencing.

Improved Adherence

Use The Diary reminders for improved appointment and medication adherence.

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