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Senior and Disability Care

A complete ecosystem for health and wellness programs to encourage better health and enhance the customer experience, while deepening loyalty.

Care Teams

Care Teams

Use a comprehensive shared care plan to efficiently deliver care and improve collaboration between care team, allied health, and providers of home care.



Easy-to-use interface improves health information collection and communication between service providers, family members, and individuals.

  • Senior Care

    Support the delivery of every level of care to seniors in their homes and in assisted living centers.

Benefits & Features

Easy-to-implement platform based on consumer mobile devices

Provide Client-Centric Care

Support the ability to treat and care for individuals at every level of need with respect and dignity while promoting independence.

Reduce Unnecessary Admissions

Improve communication channels and better understand patient progress using real- time data.



Improved Comprehensive Care

Enable the timely delivery of appropriate services, improved collaboration between care team members, allied partners, family, and friends.

Reduce Costs

Effectively manage services and reduce financial burden to the payor through higher quality of coordinated care.

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How it Works

Our enterprise solution, CarePro, is a mobile care platform that integrates with a companion patient application – becoming the first end-to-end Apple iOS solution to deliver patient-centered care outside of the clinic

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What your patient sees

Empower your patients on their care journey with easy-to-use technology that helps patients understand health data patterns, facilitates self-management, and improves communication among the care team, patient, family, friends, and the community.

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