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Wellness Programs

A complete ecosystem for health and wellness programs to encourage better health and enhance the customer experience, while deepening loyalty.

Care Teams

Care Teams

Optimize, deliver, and manage comprehensive wellness programs



Actively participate in wellness programs to reach health goals

  • Wellness Programs

    Improve member experience and encourage loyalty

Benefits & Features

Easy-to-implement platform based on consumer mobile devices

Personalized Programs

Easily and effectively monitor progress in real-time, independent of location.

Connected Coaching

Personalized care planning and health tracking resulting in more engaged members.

Real-time Results

View program success and make adjustments in real-time.

Shared Decision Making

Enhance likelihood of reaching goals with family, caregivers, and care team on the same platform.

Improvements across the board


Health Goals Reached


Reduction in Cost


Increase in Member Satisfaction


Increase in Member Engagement