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Managing Multiple Chronic Health Conditions

Navigating Complex Health Care Approximately one in four Americans is struggling to manage multiple chronic health conditions, and the number is continuing to increase with an aging boomer population. The U.S. Department […]

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Care Coordination – It’s time for our family and friends.

Too often care coordination is considered to be something that only happens to be between professional members of a healthcare team. Yet, we know that most healthcare happens at home […]

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Why your Healthstory is important

Your Story – where you are in life right this minute, and how you got here, is important to any treatment you might receive under a doctor’s care. It’s so […]

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Docs, how do Patient Owned Health Records best assist your workflow?

By Kirk Saunders and Hamish MacDonald Eric Topol, MD, recently penned an editorial on Medscape entitled “Why Are Doctors and Hospitals the Owners of Patient Records?”. He asks provocatively, “…isn’t […]

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Privacy: the fine line between patient and consumer healthcare data

Healthcare is big business and the use of technologies by private firms is rising.  These privatized firms are businesses, and businesses exist to make money. That being said, EU Observer […]

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An update each day keeps the hospital away

Have you noticed Healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada already starting to develop online web-portals to combine or aggregate patient healthcare information? Some of them aim to make patients […]

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Seth Godin’s simple form that could save your life – IMPROVED

Todays wisdom from Seth Godin is about a health form based on a google document that records all of your personal basic health information. That’s exactly what Lifetime Health Diary […]

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On collaboration for health teamwork

JP Rangaswami writes very persuasively about the developing themes that drive sucessfull collaboration across the enterprise in his blog post, On Collaboration. It’s long, but worth reading in full. The […]

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When does healthcare data mining go bad?

If I were to examine your Lifetime Health Diary daily wellness and mood records, would I see a correlation between your diet and exercise regime and how you feel?  In […]

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Awareness drives health improvements

As with so many other things in life, improved awareness can make a positive change to your health. Here’s a nice study where US barber shops installed blood pressure check […]

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