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To PHR or not to PHR

According to the statistics, only about 7 percent of the US population uses a Personal Health Record (PHR). The low adoption tells us that levels of patient empowerment and engagement […]

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Drugs, surgery and (sometimes) psychiatry. It isn’t enough!

One of the members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Stanley Pappelbaum (former CEO of Scripps hospital chain in San Diego, California) has a very succinct way of putting things. Sometimes […]

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Unraveling the US Healthcare Puzzle

It has been a couple of weeks since the last time I updated the blog – lots of going on here, traveling around the US, and uncovering new problems/opportunities in the […]

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Health 2.0 Conference Highlights

It was a very patient-oriented conference. Intense, collaborative and lots of social networking. The “Patient 2.0” session concentrated on themes such as how to engage a broader population in healthy […]

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Health 2.0 Conference

Our theme today is the Health 2.0 Conference, taking place this week in San Francisco. I will be in San Francisco Oct 6-10 for Health 2.0 San Diego 10-14 (Biotech and […]

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Tools to assemble all the pieces of primary care data together

This coming Thursday I give a talk to the General Practice Research Group at Otago University. Otago University is one of the two main medical schools in New Zealand, and […]

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OpenNotes research into opening EMRs to patient viewing

Image via Wikipedia I was on a particularly stimulating Twitter Chat session today with the #HPM (Hospice and Palliative Medicine) group.  During the session Christian Sinclair introduced the chat topic […]

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Government Priorities in New Zealand Healthcare for the Disabled and Disadvantaged

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a National Health Board IT Workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am sure some of you are aware that the New Zealand government plans […]

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The Benefits of Medication Management & Optimisation

My post last week on Tools to help pharmacies manage medications has received comment in various places, so I thought I would extend it out a little more. Last week […]

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Our First Community Group Meeting! (Part 2: Question & Feedback Session)

The participants from various organizations definitely saw the idea as an innovative way forward. Some great examples were brought up on why and how such a system could contribute to […]

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