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Reducing Hospital Functions is a Big Opportunity

It turns out that UK hospitals might be “slim[ming] down, clos[ing], or both” according to Denis Campbell writing on the issue for The Guardian. More elderly patients mean more work […]

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Ray Avery’s Medicine Mondiale – affordable healthcare for all

Aga and I went to see Ray Avery talk about his autobiography, Rebel with a Cause. Ray has a mission for his life. Use science to change the world You […]

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Government Priorities in New Zealand Healthcare for the Disabled and Disadvantaged

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a National Health Board IT Workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am sure some of you are aware that the New Zealand government plans […]

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Our First Community Group Meeting! (Part 2: Question & Feedback Session)

The participants from various organizations definitely saw the idea as an innovative way forward. Some great examples were brought up on why and how such a system could contribute to […]

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