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Diary News: Updates to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We are pleased to announce that Diary accounts are now free. We no longer charge a subscription fee. To reflect the […]

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Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

To outsource or manage in-office? What is in the best interest of practice and patient? The most expensive segment of Medicare, accounting for over 93% of spending, is directed at […]

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The Green Button health data idea gains traction

There have been some great ideas in the healthcare field but none so potentially powerful as the “Green Button”.  first discussed at HealthCamp SFBay the idea is to set up […]

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Whose rules for accessing personal health data?

Last week a couple of us attended a workshop in Dunedin put on by the National Health IT Board (New Zealand). Graeme Osborne, who led the workshop as the Board […]

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