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Changes to Chronic Care Management Requirements Encourage Adoption in 2017

Recently, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made revisions to Chronic Care Management (CCM) services after reviewing the slow adoption rates in 2016. These revisions are meant to […]

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Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

To outsource or manage in-office? What is in the best interest of practice and patient? The most expensive segment of Medicare, accounting for over 93% of spending, is directed at […]

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Should Doctors Create Culture of Health Literacy?

Six patients visit a doctor’s office in the city and are handed a clipboard with seven International Prostate Symptoms Score (IPSS) questions – a fairly routine questionnaire. Only one of those six […]

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How much is too much medical information on the internet?

Image via Wikipedia Are there times when internet tools for mass communication are inappropriate for medical communications? Take a look at this range of medical informational videos that I was […]

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Patient-centered healthcare – so where is the patient?

Sometimes you almost feel sorry for those in the medical industry trying hard to make healthcare more patient-centric. Pauline Chen M.D. writes in her latest blog post about the adoption […]

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