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The hardships of being an IT industry entrepreneur

The Star (a Dunedin based print) interviewed Lifetime Health Diary™ on the experience of setting up in the field of I.T. and the challenges they faced with making the vision […]

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Healthcare companies still don’t “Get” Social Media

We came across a great article in Social Media Today, by Steve Olenski, looking at a PWC Report on the state of social media in the healthcare industry in the US. […]

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OMG my pancreas just texted!

John Pettengill a type 2 diabetic. Talking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. #OMGdiabetic I am a diabetic and I live with a chronic disease. 25.8 million in the […]

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To PHR or not to PHR

According to the statistics, only about 7 percent of the US population uses a Personal Health Record (PHR). The low adoption tells us that levels of patient empowerment and engagement […]

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Health 2.0 Conference Highlights

It was a very patient-oriented conference. Intense, collaborative and lots of social networking. The “Patient 2.0” session concentrated on themes such as how to engage a broader population in healthy […]

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Health 2.0 Conference

Our theme today is the Health 2.0 Conference, taking place this week in San Francisco. I will be in San Francisco Oct 6-10 for Health 2.0 San Diego 10-14 (Biotech and […]

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