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The hardships of being an IT industry entrepreneur

The Star (a Dunedin based print) interviewed Lifetime Health Diary™ on the experience of setting up in the field of I.T. and the challenges they faced with making the vision […]

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Healthcare companies still don’t “Get” Social Media

We came across a great article in Social Media Today, by Steve Olenski, looking at a PWC Report on the state of social media in the healthcare industry in the US. […]

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Unraveling the US Healthcare Puzzle

It has been a couple of weeks since the last time I updated the blog – lots of going on here, traveling around the US, and uncovering new problems/opportunities in the […]

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Solving the Unsolvable? Putting Pharmacy data in front of everyone at once

You would think Pharmacy data would be easy – after all, how  difficult can it be to capture a person’s medicine regime and display it to the health professionals who […]

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Government Priorities in New Zealand Healthcare for the Disabled and Disadvantaged

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a National Health Board IT Workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am sure some of you are aware that the New Zealand government plans […]

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Whose rules for accessing personal health data?

Last week a couple of us attended a workshop in Dunedin put on by the National Health IT Board (New Zealand). Graeme Osborne, who led the workshop as the Board […]

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