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Docs, how do Patient Owned Health Records best assist your workflow?

By Kirk Saunders and Hamish MacDonald Eric Topol, MD, recently penned an editorial on Medscape entitled “Why Are Doctors and Hospitals the Owners of Patient Records?”. He asks provocatively, “…isn’t […]

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Are you harnessing the power of online healthcare?

It seems that, while they may fall through the gaps in the Obamacare scheme, there are still ways of taking care of many uninsured patients. MSNBCs Geoffrey Cowley wrote last […]

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OMG my pancreas just texted!

John Pettengill a type 2 diabetic. Talking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. #OMGdiabetic I am a diabetic and I live with a chronic disease. 25.8 million in the […]

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Hospital hand-offs and medical errors

People lie in beds on the verge of death, with tubes stuck into their bodies at all angles, respirators forcing life-giving oxygen into their inactive lungs, loved ones holding their […]

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