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Unraveling the US Healthcare Puzzle

It has been a couple of weeks since the last time I updated the blog – lots of going on here, traveling around the US, and uncovering new problems/opportunities in the […]

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Solving the Unsolvable? Putting Pharmacy data in front of everyone at once

You would think Pharmacy data would be easy – after all, how  difficult can it be to capture a person’s medicine regime and display it to the health professionals who […]

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The Benefits of Medication Management & Optimisation

My post last week on Tools to help pharmacies manage medications has received comment in various places, so I thought I would extend it out a little more. Last week […]

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Tools to help pharmacies manage medications

It seems obvious doesn’t it? Pharmacists are the acknowledged experts at handling medicines. They spend years training for it, and all day long mixing medications and checking for contraindications, mistakes, […]

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