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TEDx Auckland is coming up

Have you ever watched a TED video?  Chances are you’ve seen or been sent links to these short video talks where leading edge thinking across a wide range of subjects is broadcast.  Designed to stimulate and showcase innovation, TED is committed to its slogan “ideas worth spreading”.

Rebecca Caroe from Lifetime Health Diary will be attending the Auckland event on October 6th.  She will live blog each talk for us so you can get a record of the new innovations coming from New Zealanders.

In the meantime, take a look at this video from the Edinburgh, UK event in which a team is developing a  test for Parkinsons Disease using machine learning, applied mathematics and the patient’s voice recording.

If you want to help their research, the phone numbers for the Parkinsons Voice Initiative including NZ, USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, France, Spain and Mexico are on their home page.

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