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TGAIA & Polaris announce pilot utilizing The Diary CarePro and Wearable Devices

Polaris Corporation is pleased to announce a new care management service operated by TGAIA. Polaris health centers will start a pilot using wearable devices to automatically collect data into a Personal Health Record with the aim of promoting independent care management. View the full Press Release in Japanese

Background / Purpose

Social security expenditure in Japan continues to increase, with fiscal year 2016 exceeding 118 trillion yen. At the Future Investment Conference held in November 2016, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a policy to strengthen “self-reliant supported nursing care” to reduce the number of care recipients, as well as nursing care costs. This would aid in suppressing the rise in social security expenditure.

Proposed by Professor Takahito Takeuchi of the International Medical Welfare University graduate school, self-reliant supported nursing care is aimed at “recovering autonomy and freedom of human life.” Paying attention to the importance of “water intake”, “meals”, “defecation” and “exercise” of the elderly, the aim is to return to the elderly to regular daily living by promoting ADL (Activities of Daily Living). However, it is a significant burden for the elderly themselves to continually record these ADL activities in an accurate and timely manner.

Better self-reliance can be accomplished using a PHR (Personal Health Record) management platform for individuals, such as provided by The Diary Corporation. The smartphone app “The Diary” allows individuals to automatically collect and manage data from wearable devices. Use of The Diary technology supports the growth of self-reliant supported nursing care and reduces the burden on the elderly and care staff.

The Diary Corporation ( The Diary) is a US healthcare services provider for medical and long-term care workers. In November 2016, TGAIA signed an agency agreement to represent The Diary in Japan and is building business solutions that encourage collaboration between medical care, nursing care, and homes.

  1. Target facilities:

 Two Polaris Rehabilitation Centers

  1. Implementation Details:

iPhones, Apple Watches, and Bluetooth wearable devices (including Omron wristwatch-type blood pressure monitors), with the smartphone PHR health data management application “The Diary” installed. The Diary can be used at home or out and about. Collected data will also be viewed and managed by care staff in the companion iPad application “The Diary CarePro”, and will be used for health checks and giving advice. At the same time, the target patient will fill in their daily vital data and take notes about their physical condition, allowing the comparison of automatic collection against manually entered data. The user’s load, motivation and maintenance rate will be evaluated and verified, with differences measured.


  1. Future Developments:

 Results from this trial will be used to improve the functions of the solution, and proactively develop business.

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