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The Diary™ for Apple Watch™ Improves Health Outcomes with Care Management Features

Lifetime Health Diary™ continues to lead the way in engaging patients using digital health technology.

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The Diary™ Corp, the world’s first patient-centered solution to personal health information management, announced enhancements to their app for Apple Watch and iPhone. Actionable Care Reminders and Tap & Talk Health allow users to dictate their symptoms and vitals directly into their device, and also to receive reminders so they can effectively follow their care and prescription plans. The Diary is changing the way patients manage their care.


“One of the biggest challenges to achieving positive health outcomes is the lack of actionable information available to the patient,” said Kirk Sanders, the Diary’s Managing Director of US Healthcare. “The Diary™ is a new technology that helps patients work with their doctors and actively participate in their care.”

The Diary’s clinical and care management features are especially powerful when combined with the other health and activity functions available on Apple’s mobile devices. Adding The Diary app turns Apple Watches and iPhones into care assistants improving adherence to treatment plans.

How Actionable Care Reminders Work for Medications: When users open The Diary app for Apple Watch, they will see daily and weekly reminders. An Actionable Reminder for Medications includes the medication name with dosage and timing information set up by the patient or care professional. When users are prompted to take a given medication on their Apple Watch, choosing “Completed” will automatically record an entry and display it with the current date and time on their iPhone or web Dashboard. Actionable Reminders can also be set up for other care activities, such as doctor’s appointments, lab tests, vital measurements, exercise, and other treatments.

How Tap & Talk Health Works: Users can log an event, such as taking their blood pressure, by simply clicking on “Voice Entry” and speaking into their Apple Watch. For example, when a user says, “My blood pressure is 120 over 70,” The Diary will log the current date and time, health type (Blood Pressure), and reading (Systolic: 120, Diastolic: 70).

By syncing the Apple Watch data with The Diary’s Premium service, consumers own their comprehensive health and medical profile on a single page. The service includes electronic and paper medical records, secure data storage, unlimited live support, and permission-based sharing. Privacy is ensured with security-encrypted access for all members of the care team.

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