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The Green Button health data idea gains traction

There have been some great ideas in the healthcare field but none so potentially powerful as the “Green Button”.  first discussed at HealthCamp SFBay the idea is to set up a universal button to allow patients to share their data.

Why? Because a main obstacle to developing good personal health software is that developers need real clinical data for test purposes.


Interestingly the UK Government is working hard on “MyData Charter” which also has implications on informed consent.

1) Its ‘mydata’ programme encourages companies to release data they hold about individuals back to them, so that they can use this data for their own purposes. This is the first major Government initiative, globally, towards a changed personal data consensus: personal data is a personal asset, and individuals should have the right and ability to manage and use this asset to pursue their own goals.

2) The Government programme is also the first official recognition that there is a market for decision-making services (or ‘choice tools’ in Government parlance) that operates independently of existing markets for products and services – the market for what we call Personal Information Management Services (PIMS).

We are definitely in favor of personal control of personal data.  Lifetime Health Diary is built on the principle that the patient owns the data and can share it wherever s/he wishes.  Having tools available that fit recognizable standards and security criteria will help us to fit our data standards into common use.

Let the data wars begin!

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