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Tools to assemble all the pieces of primary care data together

This coming Thursday I give a talk to the General Practice Research Group at Otago University.

Otago University is one of the two main medical schools in New Zealand, and is highly regarded internationally for its innovative research and education of top class clinicians.

Some of the General Practitioners in the Department have expressed interest in Lifetime Health Diary™, especially as we are now beginning to be used on the ground by registered nurses in community health settings. Anything that can alleviate pressure points in healthcare delivery, particularly around early interventions and patient engagement, is something of interest to General Practice and I look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate what our product can do.

Topics I will be covering will include…

  • How to improve communication between patient, community care provider & General Practitioner.
  • Smoother handoffs between different care settings and providers (including better follow up and communication tool after discharge.
  • Provide better and quicker understanding of poly-medication regimes.
  • Medication Optimisation and measuring patient progress by regimes.
  • Health Reconciliation Tool between rest homes, GPs and pharmacists.
  • Distance medicine / Rural health.
  • Green prescriptions (i.e. exercise and lifestyle recommendations), patient health management & patient safety.
  • Preparing for the upcoming 40-year bulge of aging Baby Boomers

I look forward to writing up some notes about GP reaction, comments, and generally what happened at the talk next week.

Yours in health,


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