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Welcome to The Diary App


Your care provider is using CarePro software as part of their program. You have been gifted with The Diary® app, which works in tandem with CarePro. This app was developed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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Please note: The Diary app has been developed for Apple devices.
If you do not have an Apple device, please speak with your care provider.

How does it work?

The Diary app for Apple devices helps you manage your personal health information and connects you to your care team at the office and at home. The app is separate from your usual general practice medical record.
Here are some things you can do with your Diary app:

Let the app help you.

We call the app your “personal health assistant”.
Use it to improve your health outcomes and successfully follow care plans.

Set up notifications on your personal device and never forget an appointment or medication again.

As a self-management app, you can use your Diary to it to track your exercise and health by entering things like how many steps you do, or your blood sugar levels.

Work together with your care team.

You can view and enter health data into your Diary and it will be linked to your provider’s CarePro account. You can choose to share your progress with your care team to help keep your health and exercise on track. Use video calling to connect with your care team.

Track your medical device data with ease.

If you have a medical device, ask your care provider how to easily set up data syncing so your device data “just shows up” in your Diary. This will help you compare exercise and daily activities with your medical device data.

Get support from friends and family.

Get the support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Share access to your Diary with caregivers, providers, friends, and family, and communicate with your care team using video calling.

Security is important to us.

Any personal information you enter is secure and belongs to you. We use data and device encryption as well as extra security like Touch ID. None of your personal or health information is saved to the iPhone or iPad. Your data is stored within the local, secure Microsoft Azure Data Center. You choose who has access to your patient records or sensitive data.

Need more information?

If you need support, please check out our online documentation.

Visit the Apple App Store to download the app now:

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