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Will collecting health data make you healthier?

Of course the short answer is No.  But this is possibly the greatest allure to the health-conscious consumer – can I change something to my advantage and achieve a goal?  Sure, tracking data and appraising it over time can give insights.  And you can act on those insights.

But what about the patient who is not motivated to change?

Reading this great summary of the SXSW festival’s health conference, it’s clear the focus is on the middle-class patient who’s motivated to care for herself.

I love the truism “People who collect their data, share their data,” says Michael Ferro, higi creator and founder. “It allows one to see improvements all the time and change habits.”

Health insurance challenge

But the HUGE conundrum that the health system needs to crack are not the motivated individuals who want to change.  It’s the chronically sick who don’t want to change.   We are working with #diabetes and #Hypertension and #eldercare teams to enable patients to stay living at home; be cared for in a cost-effective way and sharing patient health data around the whole care team.

It’s a giant challenge but if we crack it, the reduction in the cost base for insurers will be monumental.

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