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The Diary CarePro™

The Diary CarePro™

Care teams – reduce the cost of care and improve patient satisfaction.

The Diary®

The Diary®

Individuals – maintain a healthy lifestyle and communicate with your care team.

  • Care Coordination

    Drive improvements in care delivery with effective communication, documentation, & task management.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Reduce utilization and improve adherence by monitoring patient progress in real-time.

Benefits & Features

Make smarter care decisions

Continuous care platform

CarePro integrates with The Diary’s patient app, becoming the first end-to-end iOS solution for the delivery of patient-centered care.

Easy to use

Our products are built on iOS devices – a familiar and intuitive interface transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

Prove Care Management ROI

Our apps benchmark performance and streamline processes, helping care teams improve efficiency up to 50% or more, and ultimately optimize the overall ROI of care coordination.

Connecting caregivers and family

For individuals using The Diary to follow their treatment plans, the added connectivity to their caregivers and care teams dramatically improves the likelihood of achieving their health goals.

See Product Features

Prove Efficacy of Care Advocacy Programs

  • Improve efficiencies with workflow tools on single platform
  • Utilize clinical and non-clinical data across healthcare continuum
  • Leverage utilization data to track results
  • Document encounters to prove results and improve outcomes
  • Establish and build successful care relationships
  • Improve engagement with easy-to-use patient-centered tools
  • Maintain the continuity of care at each patient handoff