The Diary® App

The Diary empowers you to better manage your health through meaningful information all in one place – accessible anywhere you are. Get started today!

The Diary Web

Comprehensive health tracking gives you a 360-degree view of your health activities, electronic health record integration, data storage, live support, and easy sharing options.

The Diary CareProTM

The Diary CarePro empowers practices to maintain high quality CCM in office for improved patient outcomes and increased Medicare revenue.

Value Measured by Outcomes

The Diary is a mobile care management platform that promotes effective, value-based outcomes and increased patient participation.

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Improve Workflow
Document encounters, care tasks, assessments, and outcomes.
Optimize Outcomes
Technology that enables patients to participate in their care journey.
Prove Results
Report on patient insights, interventions, and outcomes.
Reduce Costs
Show productivity, efficiency, and risk reduction.
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Prove Efficacy of Care Advocacy Programs

  • Improve efficiencies with workflow tools on single platform
  • Utilize clinical and non-clinical data across healthcare continuum
  • Leverage utilization data to track results
  • Document encounters to prove results and improve outcomes
  • Establish and build successful care relationships
  • Improve engagement with easy-to-use patient-centered tools
  • Maintain the continuity of care at each patient handoff