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Improve Outcomes, Reduce Cost of Care

The Diary CarePro™ is an enterprise mobile solution that enables the efficient and effective delivery of patient-centered care between office visits.

The Diary CarePro™

The Diary CarePro™

Enterprise platform to achieve better health outcomes, lower costs of care, and improved provider and patient satisfaction.

The Diary®

The Diary®

An easy-to-use app for individuals that is part of the CarePro platform. The Diary personalizes the user’s health journey and connects them to their care team.

Benefits & Features

Make smarter care decisions

Improve Operational Efficiency

Simple, quick, and easy to coordinate care teams and manage patients anywhere they are located. A single, connected patient engagement and care delivery platform optimizes your workflow.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Adjust care plans between visits based on real-time biometric data and patient-reported outcomes to deliver the right care at the right time, and better engage each patient.

Improve Patient and Provider Experience

Personalize the care experience for each patient and provider to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of services delivered. Increase patient engagement in self-care, supported by family and community resources

Improve Health Costs

Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary services, delivering care in the most cost-effective location by the right provider, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the care team.

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How it works

Our enterprise solution, CarePro, is a mobile care platform that integrates with a companion patient application – becoming the first end-to-end Apple iOS solution to deliver patient-centered care outside of the clinic.

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What your patient sees

Empower your patients on their care journey with easy-to-use technology that helps patients understand health data patterns, facilitates self-management, and improves communication between the care team, patient, family, friends, and the community.

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“The Diary CarePro has reduced our time to complete admission assessments by 50%, making visits are more efficient now. With CarePro, my staff can look at a single record in real-time. This allows them to focus on higher quality care, reflected in higher patient satisfaction scores within our program.”

Vanessa Clinical Director, Hospital in your Home Service Provider

“I love being able to see what the nurses are entering in their iPads and seeing how I’m progressing. I don’t usually get to see my health data and how people use it. It helps me stay motivated in my treatment.”

Patricia Patient

Provide a higher quality of coordinated care at a reduced cost

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

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Hospital Care in the Home

Hospital Care in the Home

Acute Care in the Home Provide hospital-level care at a lower cost in the home environment. Learn More

Senior and Disability Care

Senior and Disability Care

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