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52 cards to unlock deeper connection

The first step in rediscovering genuine human connection…

In a world dominated by digital distractions, we often underestimate the profound significance of genuine human connection. Through The Diary Of A CEO podcast, we are constantly faced with the same message: connection is what makes us feel truly alive.

The Conversation Cards have been curated to put the power of human connection back in your hands through authentic, unfiltered, meaningful conversations.

Edition 2 Out Now

Deeper relationships begin with understanding yourself

Use The Conversation Cards as journal prompts and reflection starters to enhance your self development journey and understand yourself on a deeper level.

Edition 2 Out Now

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Unforgettable conversations

For Every Occasion

I took them on holiday instead of a normal deck of cards .. my hubby opened up about a few of them .. things we didn't know about each other after 38 years together.. I wrote our responses on each one we looked at.. a brilliant marriage conversation starter when things get a bit ... hard tired and worn .



The Conversation Cards:
First Edition

The original 52 pack of Conversation Cards derived from The Diary Of A CEO Podcast. Experience the power of The Diary Of A CEO Podcast in your own hands and create meaningful conversations in any setting. Ideal for those beginning their journey into sparking more meaningful, vulnerable conversations in any setting.

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The Conversation Cards:
Second Edition

Take your conversations to the next level with the Second Edition of The Conversation Cards. 52 brand new questions split across 3 carefully curated levels depending on the depth of your relationships and conversation you seek.

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